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How Much Does Commercial Window Cleaning Cost?

How much does commercial window cleaning cost

Estimating the cost of commercial window cleaning is essential for any business owner aiming to maintain a pristine appearance. The price can vary widely, influenced by factors such as the number of windows, their accessibility, and the frequency of cleaning.

Businesses must account for these variables to ensure their budget aligns with the expense of achieving spotless glass.

Keep reading to know the factors that determine commercial window cleaning costs and how they might impact your company’s financial planning.

Average Commercial Window Cleaning Prices

Understanding the cost of commercial window cleaning helps businesses budget for this necessary expense. While prices may vary, here are some factors that usually affect the pricing for window cleaning.

Cost per square foot

Commercial window cleaning cost per square foot often reflects the scope of work, including the amount of glass and the level of accessibility to windows on a property. For more detailed information, visit our commercial window cleaning page.

Typically, the price per square foot decreases as the total area increases. This rewards larger-scale jobs with a reduced rate. This is because once someone is up on the building cleaning windows, another 50 square feet or so isn’t as big a deal compared to just starting the cleaning work.

Contractors cleaning commercial glass windows

Businesses should anticipate a flat rate for small commercial spaces, shifting to variable pricing for larger buildings. Key factors influencing this cost include:

● Frequency of cleaning and established cleaning schedule

● Presence of obstructions like furniture indoors and landscaping outdoors

● Use of specialized equipment such as scaffolding or pressure water systems

Cost per window

Charging by the window can simplify the commercial cleaning cost estimate for customer and service provider alike. This method tends to be straightforward, setting a price for each window. This makes it easier for clients to understand the total expense.

The rate per window fluctuates based on factors such as size, accessibility, and any special requirements. It may include post-construction cleaning or removal of hard water stains. Moreover, commercial properties with custom windows might face higher fees due to the additional care and time required.

Hourly cost

When commercial cleaning companies set their rates by the hour, the cost often includes the time spent on the premises handling various window cleaning tasks. This hourly fee incorporates all direct expenses such as labor, cleaning solutions, and equipment usage. This will provide the companies with a comprehensive understanding of the price.

The hourly rate can change depending on the complexity of the job. Factors like roof accessibility, the condition of the windows, and additional services such as pressure washing play a significant role. Commercial window cleaners may also factor in travel time to and from the location, which influences the total cost for the service.

Factors Affecting the Rates of Commercial Window Cleaning

Estimating the cost of commercial window cleaning involves analyzing several dynamic factors, such as:

Number of windows

A man cleaning commercial buildings with multiple windows and floors

The more windows that need cleaning leads to higher overall prices. This is because of the additional labor and time needed to clean each pane thoroughly. Service providers may offer a reduced rate per window as the total count increases, allowing businesses with extensive glass facades to benefit from economies of scale in their cleaning contracts.

Number of floors

The height of a building directly impacts the commercial window cleaning price per square foot, as taller structures require more elaborate safety measures and equipment. Ladders and scaffolding become essential tools for ensuring accessibility to upper-story windows. Moving these around the job site, setting them up, and working on them increases the difficulty of the cleaning project significantly.

Moreover, the use of specialized machinery, such as lift systems or cranes for high-rise window cleaning. This not only enhances the safety for cleaners but also elevates the fee. Each additional floor amplifies the complexity and risk involved, factoring into a bigger cost for the service.

Location of building

Proximity to urban centers or areas with heavy foot traffic can inflate commercial window cleaning prices. This is due to potential challenges such as limited parking for service vehicles and the need for quick turnover to minimize disruption to businesses. The location environment, including exposure to elements like wind, sun, dirt, and debris, may also increase the frequency and intensity of cleanings required, impacting the overall price.

On the other hand, buildings situated in remote or less accessible locations might incur additional travel fees but have lower fees in other areas. It is a balance that can make some city-center work more affordable than remote locations, or vice versa in certain situations. Companies consider the distance and time taken to reach the site as part of their cost estimate.

Type of building

Buildings with unique or intricate designs, such as those with high atriums or stained glass, often need specialized cleaning methods, directly influencing price points.

Commercial spaces like hospitals and food processing facilities may require more frequent cleaning using environmentally friendly or industry-specific agents. The need for hygiene and compliance with health regulations in these settings may necessitate additional precautions, adding to the overall cost.

Commercial Glass Window Building

Building design

Features such as intricate mullions, leaded or textured glass, and the window’s shape can necessitate custom tools and techniques, raising the overall fee for the service.

Additionally, commercial properties with safety glass or solar panel installations present additional challenges. Careful handling and specific cleaning agents required for these materials can contribute to a higher price. This is due to additional maintenance for windows with sophisticated design elements. Solar panel cleaning specifically requires expertise to ensure that the panels are not damaged during the process.

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Additional Cost to be Paid for Cleaning Windows

Beyond the basic cost of cleaning windows, commercial property owners should be aware of additional fees that may apply for specific cleaning services.

Below are ways to know how these particular tasks can affect the commercial window cleaning invoice.

Screen cleaning

This task requires extra time and care, as removing and washing screens demands specific techniques to avoid damage and ensure thorough cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies typically charge an add-on fee for screen cleaning services. This additional charge reflects the labor and handling needed to clean the screens properly without compromising the material’s integrity.

Siding glass doors

Their large panes and tracks where dirt and grime accumulate mean additional work beyond standard window cleaning practices. Commercial cleaners may charge a separate fee for these doors due to the extra tools and time needed to restore transparency and smooth operation.

Removing paint or stains

Businesses may confront additional fees when specialized services like removing paint or stains from commercial windows are required. Such tasks go beyond standard cleaning, involving specific techniques and potentially harsher chemicals to restore glass surfaces, which can impact the final invoice.

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Hiring a Commercial Window Cleaning Contractor

Choosing the right commercial window cleaning contractor involves careful consideration of their experience and reputation. A company with a strong portfolio of commercial clients indicates trusted service and reliability.

Hiring a Commercial Window Cleaning Contractor

When hiring, businesses should verify the contractor’s insurance coverage to protect against potential accidents or damage during the cleaning process. Adequate insurance assures the client of minimal liability.

Cost estimates from different contractors can provide insights into the average market price for commercial window cleaning. It is important for businesses to request detailed quotes to compare apples to apples regarding service scope and frequency.

Quality of service is paramount, and that means checking references or reviews for the company. Customer testimonials shed light on the contractor’s punctuality, professionalism, and ability to leave windows spotless after every clean.

Finding the right window cleaning company is a big task! Putting in the time and effort now to make the right choice will more than pay for itself in the long run.


Determining the cost of commercial window cleaning is a multi-faceted process. It is shaped by the property’s size, location, and architectural design, as well as the cleaning frequency and specifics of the task at hand.

Commercial property owners must factor in additional services that may be necessary, such as screen cleaning or the removal of stubborn stains, which will increase the overall price.

Selecting a reputable commercial window cleaning company with proper insurance, a strong track record, and transparent pricing is crucial for businesses to ensure quality service and avoid unexpected expenses.

In the end, investing in professional window cleaning is not only a matter of maintaining appearances but also one of prolonging the life and integrity of the windows, contributing positively to the business’s image and bottom line. Call South Shore Window Clezaners today to get started!



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