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How to Hang Christmas Lights on Roof Without Damage Gutters

South Shore Window Cleaners Avon, MA - How to Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging the Gutters

The holidays are here. It’s the season when homeowners pull out their ladders and light up their homes for Christmas. If you are a fan of hanging Christmas lights all over your home’s exterior, then I advise you to take a minute before doing so.

Every year homeowners unearth their Christmas lights and attach them to their gutters or shingles without precaution. This causes damage to their roof and gutters without them even noticing. To avoid this, our team at South Shore Window Cleaning created this guide on how to properly hang your Christmas lights and decorations

How to Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging Gutters

Step 1: Decide where to install the lights: gutters or shingles.

Yes, you want to deck your halls and make your home twinkle this Christmas; however, you should not carelessly install your lights and decor. Know where to put them up safely. There are two options; one is to attach them to your gutters, and another route is to attach them to your shingles. These will also depend on what kind of light or decor you will use. Some lights are ideal for placing on shingles, while some are ideal for gutters.

Decide where to install the lights - South Shore Window Cleaners Avon, MA

If you want to avoid damaging your gutters, then we advise that you attach them to your shingles using traditional shingles clips. This is also advisable for those households that do not have gutters.

But if you have gutters and you plan on attaching your lights, then use gutter clips to avoid damage. If you’re unsure how to use gutter clips, ask an associate at the store you purchased them from or ask us.

Step 2. Clean your gutters

Clean your gutters - South Shore Window Cleaners Avon, MA

The Christmas season is the best time for gutter cleaning. This needs to be done before hanging lights on gutters for safety purposes.

Christmas lights are usually left running overnight, and like any light bulb, they can warm up their surrounding area.

Christmas lights may cause a fire, especially if your gutters are full of flammable debris like dried leaves. To prevent this, you can contact gutter cleaners near you. We can help you install the lights and get rid of debris stuck on your gutters. We also advise you to regularly clean your gutters to avoid pests that live in clogged gutters.

Step 3. Avoid putting holes in your gutters—use clips

Avoid putting holes in your gutters use clips - South Shore Window Cleaners Avon, MA

Don’t use nails or staples when you hang up your lights. These will cause considerable damage to your gutters and put holes in them. As mentioned before, clips are best suited for gutters.

Here are several types of light clips to try:

Adhesive light clips. You can directly affix it to the gutter’s surface just by sticking it on. These adhesive clips are moisture-resistant and are strong enough to hold your Christmas lights in place.

All-in-one clips. These are the best gutter clips for Christmas lights. They can also be used to attach your lights to the shingles.

Clay tile roof clips. If you plan to attach your lights on a clay tile roof, you can use clay tile roof clips. By using these, you can minimize the damage as these are specially made for clay tile roofs.

Eave clips. The best place to attach Christmas lights? It’s the eaves of your homes instead of directly attaching them to the shingles. Eave clips are designed for this purpose.

Clips for the ridge of your roof. With this, you can effortlessly design the ridges of your roof.

Step 4. Properly place the lights

If you decide to attach your light to the gutters directly, you should position it properly so it won’t bump against the gutter guards. Position the light bulbs straight toward the ground at a 45-degree angle. We advise that you place your lights as carefully as possible to avoid gutter damage.

Properly place the lights - South Shore Window Cleaners Avon, MA

You should also place the right amount of lights on your gutters to prevent them from collapsing. You can choose the right size and weight.

Need Assistance? Contact the most reliable gutter cleaning service in Massachusetts

Gutter Cleaning Services - South Shore Window Cleaners Avon, MA

Yes, it is possible to hang all your lights on the gutters and roof on your own without causing damage and it would be ideal if you are thinking of saving money this holiday. But is it safe? Are you 100% sure that you won’t damage your home?

When treading on the roof or attaching light on the gutters, you must be as careful as possible, not only for the sake of damage but to ensure your safety. If you are not confident, consider hiring a professional to clean your gutters and hang your lights.

If you are a homeowner in Braintree, Massachusetts, or one of the surrounding towns, you can always contact South Shore Window Cleaning to keep your gutters and roof ready for your Christmas decor.

Inspecting your roof and having your gutter cleaned by a professional before hanging your lights is essential. We can help you ensure your safety and avoid damages caused by the light-hanging process.

Are you ready to have your windows cleaned and your home decorated for the holidays? You can contact us at 781-217-3121 or get your free quote today!



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