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Power Washing Pricing Guide

There is no better feeling than the satisfaction you get when seeing before and after power washing. Because who does not like clean surfaces? Thanks to pressure washing, you can easily have squeaky clean surfaces. But how much does a power washing service cost?

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According to HomeAdvisor, the national average power washing price in the U.S. is $281, with the fee generally ranging anywhere from $183 to $380. Pressure washing patios and decks typically cost between $250 to $420, houses cost between $450 to $800, and driveways generally cost $130 to $220, all depending on size. Power washing companies usually price their services per hour, per square foot, or lay down a flat rate. Surface size and the appropriate cleaning chemicals also determine overall pricing.

To know more about pressure washing services cost, keep on reading.

3 Pricing Strategies

1. Pricing per Square Foot

The average rate of pressure washing per square foot varies per region. However, the usual estimate is between $0.08 and $0.35 per square foot. The price is also subject to increase due to other factors. 

CostHelper says that heavy stains, grimes, mold, and dirt are some of these. In the event of stubborn surface dirt, power washers can charge $0.40 to $0.80 per square foot. 

To compute for the square footage, multiply the surface’s length and width, then multiply the result to 1.35. Use a laser distance measurer for more accuracy. 

2. Pricing per Hour reports that the average pressure washing rate per hour is between $60 to $100. For example, a 1,000 square meter courtyard takes about five hours to power wash, making the cost between $300 to $500. 

Here are more examples:

Average Hour to Clean
​Price Range
2,000 sq. m house
~ 2 hours
$450 to $800

~ 2-3 hours
$120 to $300

Sidewalk, driveway
~ 1 hour
$60 to $100

Porch, Patio, Deck
~ 1-2 hours
$60 to $200

Take note that demand, competition, and even weather influence pricing as well. 

3. Flat Rate

Some washers offer flat rate pricing. They are familiar with the average fees and know the kind of work required for particular dirt or stains. Their method is adding cost over the standard price for the total area in square feet.

4. Per project

Below are the national pricing averages for pressure washing services as reported by


  • Flat rate: $90-$275
  • Per linear foot for a single storey house: $0.75 to $1.25
  • Per linear foot for a two-storey house: $1.75 to $2.25


  • Single storey: $100
  • Two floors: $135
  • Three floors: $200

Boats (per linear foot)

  • Bottom only: $5
  • Whole boat: $10

Roofs (per square feet)

  • Average: $0.20
  • With seep pitches: twice or thrice the cost

Sidewalks and Driveways

  • Flat price: $60 to $150 depending on the size
  • Per square foot: $0.08 to $0.14 

Fences, Siding, and Decks

  • Per square foot: $0.20 to $0.25

Mobile Homes (flat rate)

  • Average: $50 to $85
  • Double wide: $80 to $100

Commercial Cleaning

  • Per square foot (basic cleaning): $0.08 to $0.12
  • Dumpster:  $75 for standard size, $150 for large

Drive-thrus, Parking lots, Garages

  • Parking space: $10-$20
  • Per square foot of garage floors and parking lots: $0.05 to$0.25

Another tip to remember: Consider other elements such as cleaning chemicals and water temperature (hot or cold). Do not forget about the overhead costs too! They are usually at $40 hourly.


Use the standard rates for power washing services to calculate the overall cost. Apply the linear or square footage, materials, and overhead prices as well. Likewise, you may also use average rates.

Here is another way as suggested by

(Materials price x 2) + Cold or Hot Water Cleaning fee = Power washing service price

Water cleaning rates:
    Hot water: between $55 to $60
    Coldwater: between $45 to $50

Ex. The total materials cost for power washing a rooftop is $300. So, multiply 300 by 2, 
then add $50 because you will need cold water cleaning.
        $600 + $50 = $650 project cost estimate

South Shore Window Cleaning - Pricing a Power Washing Service

​South Shore Window Cleaners will be happy to give you an estimate and walk you through all the costs.  Please give us a call today. 



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