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5 Reasons Why Your Windows Get Dirty

Changing seasons and daily shifts in weather cause windows to get dirty quickly and regularly. Some windows require cleaning more often than others, depending on their location, particularly when they are near highways or parking lots. Both residential and commercial buildings look more attractive with clean and clear windows!

Adding extra appeal to your home or business property is not only about how high it is or how many windows there are, but also about how clean each window is. Who wants to enter a building that looks old and abandoned? Blame the common things that cause everything on the exterior of your property to look dirty. Read about five of them below.

Things that Make Your Windows Dirty

The wind outside

Such an inevitable situation! When the wind outside starts to blow, it’s inevitable that your windows will get dusty and dirty. The next thing you know, your building is full of dirt and dust. Lucky are those buildings built near other buildings which help block the wind and the airborne dust they bring. 

The wind outside - South Shore MA Window Cleaning

Air pollution

The combination of dust, smoke, and other elements that make the air polluted also cause your windows to become dirty. This can be worse when winter comes due to the fact that cold, dry air traps pollution particles, making it easier for dirt to get attached to the glass of your windows and doors.

Air Pollution Abington MA Window Cleaning Service

Steam and grease

Dirt may not only come from outdoors, but it can also be due to the elements found indoors, such as in the kitchen area of your house. Whenever you cook, especially fried foods, the chance of oil splashing over to the walls and windows of your home becomes highly possible. Steam and grease are just two of the common particles that are hard to remove from windows.

Steam and Grease Avon MA Window Cleaning Service

Pets and handprints

As much as pet owners love the nose art their four-legged family members make, all the nose prints make for an endless chore of cleaning the windows. The moisture they leave in the glass may be difficult to remove if not wiped immediately. Likewise, children like to touch glass windows with their hands (both clean and dirty) and leave marks. When left, hand prints can also be difficult to remove.

Pet and handprint Braintree MA Window Cleaning Service

Inappropriate window cleaning solutions

Trying to window clean your own property is not often an issue, unless you find your window looking worse than before you began. Some cleaning tools and materials are not easy to use especially if not applied and removed properly. So make sure you know how to properly clean your window before you begin.

Inappropriate window cleaning solutions Bridgewater MA Window Cleaning

Best Window Cleaners in Town

Have a clearer view of what’s ahead of you with perfectly cleaned windows. They don’t just show how neat you are at home, but they also reflect how you manage things for your family and for work. The dirt in your windows can be small and hard to notice, but if left unclean for a long time, it can also cause breakage or crack.

South Shore Window Cleaners is a reputable window cleaning company that has served the entire South Shore area for decades. We remain unrivaled for the kind of services we provide with precision and great caution, delivering only the best results for the best price. Our tools and equipment are all properly-selected to suit the job we do, including scrubbers, holsters and belts, seat boards, towels and sponges, and many others.

With us, not one scratch will be found in the windows of your home or office. Cleaning is a simple task we always take seriously. Call us now at 781-217-3121 to begin the expert cleaning process!



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