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How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

Pollution, dirt, and pollen can quickly cover your windows and frames. Giving your windows the good old-fashioned cleaning is the only way to bring back their shine and glamour.

But the question is, how often should windows be cleaned? 
How long does the job take?

But how much do professional window cleaners charge?

Many window cleaners charge more for the first clean and give their customers a discount for the next regular cleans. This is because frequently/recently cleaned windows are quicker and easier to clean. Uncleaned windows, on the other hand, could take twice or thrice as long.

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost - South Shore Window Cleaners

What are the Average Window Cleaning Prices | South Shore Window Cleanings

The costs of window cleaning services vary due to several factors. The accessibility of the windows is one fundamental factor that influences the final cost. High windows will definitely cost you more since cleaning technicians will need a ladder and other tools to get the job done. There are other window cleaning companies that also charge per window pane.

  • The average price range for exterior window cleaning for a 2-story, under 2,500 square feet house is around $125. 
  • The costs can also vary depending on the type of windows and the size of your home. Others may charge you per glass pane, which ranges between $2 to $7. 
  • Some companies may also charge their customers on an hourly basis. 
  • Apartments are usually around $150-$180 for all glass to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.
  • Most ground-level residences (small to medium-sized) will be between the $180-$250 range. 
  • Larger ground level homes are estimated around $250-$330 range.
  • Larger homes that are two stories or more, with high access glass would most likely be over $330. 

Other Factors That Influence The Costs Of Window Cleaning Services

  • Number of panes
  • Size of each pane
  • Type of glass 
  • Interior, Exterior, or Both
  • Dirtiness 
  • Frequency 
  • Schedule
  • Height
  • Window Coverings 

Can I Do The Window-Cleaning Myself?

Many options are available for both home and business owners aiming to keep the costs low by doing the window-cleaning themselves. DIY stores and supermarkets offer affordable glass and window cleaning products at affordable prices.

However, professional window cleaners with experience and expertise can always do the job better and safer. 

Consider the risks of cleaning the windows yourself. Cleaning professionals have the experience in climbing high-reach areas. They also have relevant safety training and complete safety equipment. 

Most of all, window cleaning companies are protected from any potential accidents that may occur while doing the job. With this in mind, hiring professional window cleaning services means that you can be confident that any accidental damages will not come from your pocket. 

Other Considerations and Costs

  • If you wish to cut costs and still want to hire professionals, you may want to ask your neighbors about getting their windows cleaned as well. Some companies give discounts when they work on multiple houses in the same neighborhood. This allows cleaning companies to save more time and travel costs.
  • Most cleaning services give a free estimate. It is very rare for a company to ask potential customers for a consultation fee. 
  • Most cleaning services have the same rate for the first and second-story windows. But surely, you will be paying more if you have more than two floors. This is due to more safety risks and equipment.

Affordable Window Cleaning Services | South Shore, MA

At South Shore Window Cleaners, we provide the best window cleaning services. We commit to providing honest and effective services to our clients at affordable prices. 

We understand that household maintenance or home improvement can be costly. So, we made sure that our services don’t necessarily have to break the bank. Contact our caring cleaning experts and learn more about our services here.



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