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What Happens If Your Gutters Are Clogged?

When you are living in an area where you experience the fall season, it should be on your calendar to have your gutters and your roofs cleaned regularly. If left unnoticed, debris and fallen leaves can be the cause of not only a clogged gutter but also the spread of a disease due to pests.

The gutter of your roof is the part where all the rainwater flows so it can freely go to the drain and disappear. Otherwise, if the gutter is clogged by a branch of a tree or a collection of leaves, problems may arise. When water remains in the gutters, it will give life to some nasty pests and insects.

Water-related issues become common at the start of the rainy and fall season. These are the times that pests like mosquitoes and other pests breed on wet areas such as a clogged gutter. Should you wait for these seasons to come before you act on protecting your family against these pests? As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

The Importance of Gutters

As much as we need our gutters for the right flow of water from our roof, insects also find them the most perfect place for nesting and breeding. This could be possible with the help of twigs, leaves, and other debris caught in the gutter. The longer they stay in that place, the more serious the problems you might have to face.

Gutters are an essential part of a house. It is the system of runoff water displacement which maintain the structural foundation of any property. Pooling of water from the rain and melting snow can be prevented if you have good quality gutters on your house.

If you notice an increase in the pests roaming around during a heavy rainstorm, calling for help from professional gutter cleaners is a must.  This only means you may have an underlying issue in your gutters, such as clogged drains and insect infestation.

Types of Insects Attracted to Clogged Gutters

The stagnant water found in the gutter is the most overlooked spot in the house. Other places like the flower pots, wading pools, and the birdbaths may be checked regularly because they are just within your reach. It is hard to tell when there are already a lot of twigs, leaves, or debris accumulated in the gutter. Unless immediately checked, the gutter becomes an ideal habitat for the following insects and pests.

1. Mosquitoes

– Baby mosquitoes need stagnant water from birth to adulthood. The clogged gutters become their favorite breeding ground and home while they go out and feed on human hosts.


2. Ants  

Ants South Shore Window Cleaners

– Going in and out of a house is easiest for the ants to do with the help of clogged gutters. They like to live outdoors and hunt for food indoors.

3. Termites

– The dripping water from the overflowing water in the gutter allows for the wooden parts of a house to begin to rot — making them a delicious meal for termites. For as long as there is stagnant water that pools on wood surfaces, there will be termites waiting for more to eat.

Termites South Shore Window Cleaners

The Solution We Offer

Gutter and roof cleaning is a task that requires expertise and proper tools. There may be a lot of various companies offering these services, but you can count on South Shore Window Cleaning to provide top-quality cleaning at a reasonable price.

We offer gutter cleaning services that includes checking that the drains are working properly. We also provide roof cleaning services, which allows us to remove any debris before it ends up in your gutter. All of our cleaning services are done discreetly with little disruption to your home and family.

Talk To Us Today

Grab your telephone now and give us a call. Our contact number is 781-217-3121. We welcome all types of gutter, roof, and window cleaning services. If you are busy and have no time climbing up to your roof to check the gutters, we’ll be there to lend you a helping hand! Speak to a member of our friendly staff to have your questions answered or schedule an appointment.



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