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The Importance of Cleaning Your Windows After Pollen Season

Isn’t it easier to see what’s ahead of you when you’re looking at clean and clear windows? Wherever you are, whether you are at home or outside riding in your own vehicle, you need to be able to see clearly. You can tell if it’s going to rain by the color of the sky, and you can also tell who’s coming to your house even before they knock.

But, clear sight isn’t possible if your windows are blocked by dust, dirt, snow, and moisture. During the fall season, pollen becomes a problem for homeowners and business owners. Both buildings and houses need clear windows to look more attractive. In that case, let’s learn about the importance of cleaning your windows.

Importance of Cleaning the Windows

As a homeowner, your goal is not only to keep up your home’s aesthetics at all times. That’s why you aim for clean windows. In fact, here are some other reasons that cleaning your windows is important.

1. Proper visibility. We’ll have a better look at what’s around us if we have clean windows. But, if there is pollen and grime in them, our windows will just show a gray, blurry sight of the views outside.

2. Improves the quality of air inside the home. Undoubtedly, the air you breathe is very important. It should be just as clear as the cleanliness of your windows. With clean windows, you can avoid allergies, too. Pollen grains usually group together in the air, spreading allergies and viruses faster.

3. Saves money. You’ll never have to pay for someone to repair or replace your windows if you can regularly clean them. This is most important during and after the pollen season if you do not want your windows to get stuck when you open them because of pollen buildup.

4. Savings on your usual electric bill. With clean and clear windows, more light can get through your home, and you may not need to use lights as much. This helps you cut down on your electric bill.

Tips for Cleaning Windows After the Pollen Season

Cleaning your windows can be very tough and tiring work to do by yourself. For that, here are some tips for quick and easy window cleaning:

· Do it on a cloudy day. Not only does it make you feel hot and sweaty, but working in hot weather makes your tools and solutions dry quickly. Cleaners easily evaporate and leave unwanted streaks due to direct sunlight. This just makes your task even harder. The lesser the sunlight, the easier it is to find the streaks on your glass windows.

Cleaning windows - South Shore Window Cleaners

· Start with the frame. The right way to do it is to start with the frame where most of the grime is hidden. To do this, use a toothbrush, some baking soda, and vinegar to scrub the hard-to-reach tracks of your windows. This will instantly remove all the grime. Likewise, using a wet rag, you can wipe away any residue left.

Start with the Frame - South Shore Window Cleaners

· Make your own soap solution. Don’t settle for window cleaner sold at most grocery stores. It’s usually made of harsh chemicals. Water and dish soap solution can be a great alternative, as well as vinegar. Windows like those in your kitchen accumulate heavy grime, and using those alternatives can help clean them without leaving any residue.

Make your own soap solution - South Shore Window Cleaners

· Use a squeegee. Make sure that your window is streak-free by removing all the soap and water from it. Wipe them with a rubber-bladed squeegee tool from top to bottom to completely scrape away all extra water.

Use a squeegee - South Shore Windows Cleaners.

· Use a mop to wipe the top. If you cannot reach the top of your windows, using a tall sponge mop on a pole dipped in soapy water is a great option. Then wash the windows with a hose and dry them using a dry mop and squeegee to eliminate the excess water that might dry up on the glass surface.

Use a mop to wipe the top - South Shore Windows Cleaners

· Have separate tools for cleaning the inside and the outside. Expectedly, the dirt from the outside of the windows and that of the inside are very different in terms of type and amount. Obviously, there will be more dirt on the outside because of vehicles, passersby, and other dust. It’s impossible to avoid dust and dirt outside, but inside your home, it can be reduced.

Separate Tools for Window Cleaning - South Shore Window Cleaners

Why Seek Expert Window Cleaners’ Help

If you are searching for reputable residential and commercial window cleaning contractors who can help you in the South Shore, MA area, look no further! South Shore Window Cleaning is what you need. Window cleaning may be simple to some, but for a busy and dedicated homeowner, it can be a challenging task to do.

With our experts’ skills and training in all things window cleaning, your windows will look good as new. We’ll leave no streak or a drop of dry water displayed on your window glasses. We don’t just stop at windows. We do other tasks like gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning, and more. We’re the top choice! Give us a call at 781-217-3121 today to begin.



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