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How to Prepare and Spring Clean Your Windows

We all enjoy being able to look out the window to check the weather or enjoy the view, even during the cold months. Windows are crucial to any home. They allow natural light to flood our homes regardless of the temperature outside. They serve us well in any season and thus deserve some loving and caring.

“Spring Cleaning” has been a popular term among homeowners, signaling the time when they are planning to upgrade, update, or throw away something from their home. When it comes to the home, the windows are a part that is often neglected and left unclean. Cleaning them twice a year during spring and fall is the best move.

Steps to Prepare Your Windows for Spring

Steps to Prepare Your Windows for Spring-South Shore Window Cleaning

In case you decide to do it yourself, the list below provides some simple steps to follow in preparing your windows for spring.

1. Gather all supplies

Equip yourself with the necessary tools and supplies before starting your task. This includes microfiber cloths, squeegee, scraper, an extension pole, as well as an all-purpose cleaning solution.

2. Clean the window frame

Begin with the window frame or the lining of your window using a microfiber cloth sprayed with your all-purpose cleaner.

3. Clean the window surface

The surface of the window should be the cleanest part. When there are stickers or decals that need to be removed, use a scraper.

4. Clean the interior first

Start on the inner part of the window before cleaning the outside. With a cleaner and a squeegee, wipe the window from left to right and then top to bottom.

5. Dry any excess water

Use a thin sheet of newspaper to dry up excess water from your windows so there will be no streaks left.

6. Repeat the process on the exterior

The same process should be applied to the outer side of the window to achieve similar neatness.

Best Way to Spring Clean Windows, Hire a Pro

While it may seem practical to just do the task on your own as the homeowner, there are more advantages to hiring professionals. Some of those benefits are found below.

· Prevent Damages in the Glass

Professionals know how to carefully wipe the surface of your window, avoiding any scratches or marks due to the small particles on it. By removing debris that has been on the surface for too long, homeowners can prevent damage to the windows.

· Safety

Properties with more than one floor and many windows requiring climbing up a ladder or using specialized equipment to reach windows in high areas require tools and expertise. Expert window cleaners are well-trained to perform tasks like this with proper safety for the property and the residents.

· Time-Saving

Hectic work schedules won’t be a hindrance anymore with the help of professionals. They’ll take charge of the entire process while you just wait and relax. Take an afternoon nap or enjoy time with your family while professionals take care of the windows.

· Thorough/Comprehensive Cleaning

Whether you are a new homeowner or not, avoiding streaks and marks on the window surface may be difficult to prevent. Professional window cleaners know the proper methods and products to use to achieve streak-free results. Your home is sure to be brighter inside and outside because of the newly-cleaned windows.

· Lovelier Home Environment

Enjoy a cheerier, more vibrant look for your home once your windows have already been cleaned and more sunlight is able to pour in. A better overall mood is yours once this is finished.

Dependable Experts in Window Cleaning

Dependable Experts in Window Cleaning-South Shore Window Cleaning

Prolong the life of your windows and enjoy more natural light in your home sweet home when you hire expert window cleaners. Your home will feel like new again with all the light coming through the windows.

South Shore Window Cleaners are experts who are well-trained in the art of cleaning as well as in other services like residential and commercial window cleaning services, gutter cleaning, power washing, roof cleaning, and solar panel cleaning. All these and more services are for very affordable prices with great results.



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